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As your bestie is always there for you, thinking what is best for you in the same way BESTYE is always determined to provide you with the best advice for savings. 

Bestye, inaugurated as a partnered start-up with the founders having an idea to create a digital platform where a buyer can enjoy the freedom of searching the deals anytime without carrying any printed flyers. The idea was foster by the lack of platforms like that in the trend and the most of the printed flyers were just becoming a thing to remain in the mail boxes or bins of a house which eventually boosted our interest to present a stage which will help to cut off the wastage of paper and come up with a digital marketing platform for the sellers, gaining more audience in this era which is getting inclined towards the technical world. 

We at Bestye provide our valuable customers with the best value for a product to help them save their hard-earned money in every way possible. Putting together the flyers and deals available for a smart buyer, at a virtual stop is our goal. "Hi, Impact"